The Man Who Would Be Sean

John Allen has more fun being a Sean Connery lookalike than Sean Connery does being himself

Allen who until recently owned The Oasis a gallery on North Federal Hwy in Delray Beach says his social life was revolutionized when he suddenly began to bear a startling resemblance to the British actor, who was the original James Bond 007. "I couldn't get a date he says " I was sad then I grew the beard and all of a sudden all hell broke loose, I'm James Bond !. "It is really amazing "he continues. "when I go out on a job, all kinds of women come up to me. Young girls older girls, girls with their husbands, their boyfriends. I told Sean Connery I have more fun being him than he does. I'm single He's not. Allen is 15 years younger than Connery but he is a dead ringer for Connery when the actor starred in films such as The Hunt For Red October and First Knight several years ago.

Appearances at conventions and other events are only part of the work. He is now standing in for Connery in commercials and has a tentative date to work with him on a film. They recently worked together in Nassau Bahamas when Connery made a commercial for Teekanne Tea a German company. People got together from all over and everyone was really nervous being on the set with him, Allen says, He's upstairs in his suite and I'm downstairs setting up the shot. And it called for me to ride this little trolley and come to a dead stop right in front of the elevator. It opens and Sean walks out, he said "Hello John you look wonderful today" and I said "I should Sir, I look like you" And everybody broke up". Strangers often mistake Allen for Connery, even when he tells them he is just a celebrity look-alike. It doesn't seem to make a difference, while I was in the islands where Connery has a home on Lyford Cay, a cab driver stopped and said "Get in I'll take you anywhere you want". " but I said I'm not him I am a professional Sean Connery Impersonator. He said I don't care get -in".
John Allen as James Bond John Allen as James Bond