That's NOT Connery It's Celebrity Impersonator John Allen, who makes a nice living being a tribute artist of the super-suave movie star. The Great Sean Connery Field Test ! Did our look-alike make passersby do a double-take at our Double-O-Seven? Test 1 Starbucks Forty something women do double takes and really try hard not to stare. When "SEAN " stops to have his photo taken there are audible gasps, an "Oh My God ! and one loudly whispered, Is That Sean Connery ?" As Allen enters Starbucks a guy grabs his cell phone and gushes. "You'll never believe who just went into Starbucks, Sean Connery"! Here are John Allen's lookalike secrets. The beard "I grew the beard and turned into James Bond" The voice " It was hard to get, I actually had a voice coach work with me on it. It took me two years to get it right". The attitude" Bond is sort of cartoonish, in the way he looks and the way he speaks, so you want to be almost over the top. The TUX " Sean Connery has to have the Bond tux, but I don't wear it around town. The reality Check " I don't want to get lost in the character. I know other A-list Celebrity Look-alikes who never stop portraying their character, I know who I am and I am me not him. The award winning Sean Connery Impersonator does have a License To Thrill : Bond -Like , James Bond

Celebrity Impersonator John Allen as James Bond
John Allen as Sean Connery tribute artist