The splitting image of dashing superstar Sean Connery, the world is your oyster.

Sun Tabloid Double -Oh -Seven

by Roni Sullivan

lookalike Sean Connery
      When you're the splitting image of dashing superstar Sean Connery, the world is your oyster. Just ask John allen, of Delray Beach Florida, who's making a fine living posing as the ruggedly handsome 007 at private parties and corporate conventions on movie sets and in commercials. It's been a roller-coaster ride for the former owner of a wicker furniture store, whose career in showbiz began late in life.

"I didn't look like Sean Connery when I was younger" Allen Says "It wasn't until I was 49 and grew a beard that is when it happened". Then the work started coming and the phone started to ringing. Now I am booked booked two to three times a month". Allen's break in the business occurred in 1996 when a stranger approached him at a Florida restaurant. "I can make you a lot of money as James Bond" said the man. I want you to beat up some guy and throw him in Donald Trumps swimming pool. "I can do that" Allen told him.

Sean Connery lookalike acclaimed by International Guild of  Celebrity Impersonators

      And that first intriguing gig led to a bustling career, traveling around the world and earning $300 to $500 an hour for meet and greets to a whopping $1000 to $5000 a day working as a stand-in for doubling for the 74-year-old Scottish actor.

But the best perk of the job came when he actually met Connery face to face on a Hollywood movie set. "Everyone was very excited to have him on the set" says Allen,57 "He stepped onto the set and instead of going over to the director he came up to me and said "Hello John, you look wonderful today" I said "of course I do I look like you" Allen has become so successful in his field that he recently recieved an award from The International Guild of Celebrity Impersonators. "John is really the epitone of what we want to project as the ideal in membership" says founder of the Guild Phil Jesse. "He talks and walks like the actor is congenial and professional, confident, but not cocky"