BOND AGENT JAMES BOND 007, lives in Delray Beach

Delray News -Arts and Entertainment Skip Sheffield

John Allen in Sean Connery impersonation Congradulations to John Allen of Delray Beach on Aug. 10 he won the Cloney Award in Las Vegas for being The Best Impersonator of a Legend. He also acted as host of the awards ceremony. It was Allen's second year in a row for the honor for his uncanny impersonation of the Scottish actor Sean Connery generally acknowledged as the definative James Bond, British secret agent 007. I was a sculpter and artist for 20 years with a gallery on Federal hwy in Delray Beach" Allen revealed "This is my artistic expression now, and it is all I do I am booked through May of next year." Allen began his Sean Connery association as a stand-in for the actot Eight years ago, while eating dinner at a restaurant in Mizner Park, he was approached by an agent who had a gig for him. He asked me to rough up some guy and throw him in Donald Trumps pool as Agent007 Allen relates "I said" Yes I can do that" I've been doing it ever since. It's just getting bigger and bigger. Allen has been flown all over the USA, Canada, the Carribbean, Europe and even Auckland, New Zealand, which is the only place electronics giant Samsung could charter a jumbo jet to film a commercial. "In America corporations make so much money they want to make their commercials and events the very best" he says "Celebrity Impersonating has become a big business and a lot of people are very good at it. the Neil Diamond guy Rob Garrett gets more work then Diamond himself" Allen recently wrapped shooting on a film "BAMBOO SHARK" in Philadelphia.